A dreamer looking for wonders.

Hi! My name is Eric.

Since I was a little boy, I’ve dreamed of leaving my mark in this world. Of creating something that stays. To turn ephemeral into eternal.

I’ve always been a little lost, and it was when I touched my first camera, when I fell in love. Then, I knew. I wanted to tell stories.

The camera isn’t the only thing that allows me to stop the time. Also when I’m enjoying a good conversation inside a bar in another country, while that song that makes the floor disappear (Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’) is playing. I enjoy life in my own way, traveling, discovering and documenting.

Having the chance to create something wonderful with you, is just magical. To tell your story. Definitely, that magic that surrounds you.

Thanks to my work, I have the greatest luck to fall in love every day traveling all over the world and meeting people like you. I believe that the greatest force of the human being is passion. And there’s nothing that passionates me more than a pretty story.

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