A dreamer looking for wonders.

My name is Eric and since I was a little boy, I’ve dreamed of leaving my mark in this world. Of creating something that stays. To turn ephemeral into eternal.

I’ve always been a little lost, and it was when I touched my first camera, when I fell in love. Then, I knew. I wanted to tell stories.

The camera isn’t the only thing that allows me to stop the time. Also when I’m enjoying a good conversation inside a bar in another country, while that song that makes the floor disappear (Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’) is playing.

I believe that the greatest force of the human being is passion. And there’s nothing that passionates me more than a pretty story.

A part of telling your love stories, I direct, I light and film music videos, fashion films and documentaries for every corner of the World.

Know my other works:

I live in Castellón (Valencia), but my wings take me anywhere