Pre / Post

300 € + VAT

I love weddings! But I’d love to tell something more, I’d love to tell your story. Who you are, how you met each other, from where you came from, where you’re going…

The perfect excuse for giving to yourselves that music video, that TV spot or that shortfilm of your love, that will complement your wedding film.

Let’s tie our boots and shoes and let’s go to your favorite corner, your engagement place or simply a magical place for you.


1.300 € + VAT

The day of your wedding will be immortalized in a unique cinematographic way. An emotional and dynamic film to relive one of your life’s most special days. The film of your love.

Together, we’ll turn the ephemeral into eternal.


– Trailer: 1-2 min
– Complete ceremony: 20-30 min
– Final film: 15 min

Destination Wedding & Elopement

Any of the previous points + Expenses

Definetely, to run away together to celebrate any of the previous points.

To immortalize that magical and unique landscape where you gave yourselves the “I do”, or those lost evenings, loving each other through the alleys of that city.

San Francisco, Paris, London, the frozen landscapes of Iceland, the skyscrapers of New York, the endless Wall of China or the Grand Canyon itself.

There are no limits or barriers in a round world. ¡I’m in!